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Behind Terra di Rovo there are people who have always lived in this wild corner of Umbria, who love and respect this land by taking care of it and limiting themselves to improve what nature has created to perfection. At Terra di Rovo we know very well that what was once essential for survival, today is the foundation for a healthy and wealthy life.



Born in Siena but grew up among the magical and remote hills of the Spoleto valley. Since I was a child I was fascinated by the beauty of its nature. I spent most of my childhood here, playing on my grandparents' farm with animals, olive groves and fruit trees. I hold in my heart the memories of those days spent amongst the greenery, the overwhelming scents and in awe of the breathtaking views. Not even my studies in International Communication and work in the luxury industry have managed to distance me from this incredible territory. For love, for a short period of my life I moved away from home and from those valleys that I was so attached to. After missing them for a long time, I have now returned to take care of what has always fascinated me: one of the most beautiful and remote valleys of Umbria, where my vineyard and my centuries-old olive grove rise. Here I created Terra di Rovo, my small land, my little big dream that today has become reality.

Alessandra e Roberto
Vineyard and Olive Grove Keepers

Coupled in life but also in the work of the fields, day after day Alessandra and Roberto devote themselves with passion to the vineyard and olive grove of Terra di Rovo. They have always lived in the Spoleto Valley; over the years they have seen changing the seasons and their impact on nature, they know this unspoiled territory and its peculiarities better than anyone else. Alessandra and Roberto watch over Terra di Rovo with love, taking care of pruning and ligation, scacchiatura, grape and olive hand harvesting. Their work is meticulous and constant, but at the same time the least invasive possible, in order to keep intact the perfect balance that only nature is able to create.


Antonio was born and has been raised in Spoleto. He is the person who has always lived closest to Terra Di Rovo. Antonello has very important tasks: ensuring the integrity of Terra Di Rovo and controlling access to the valley by regularly carrying out inspections. The vineyard and the olive grove are very isolated and difficult to reach; for these reasons we must ensure that no one has access to these pristine lands and that all the surrounding land is kept intact to protect its biodiversity.