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Terra di Rovo vineyard and olive grove are hidden in a remote valley of Umbria, in a secluded and solitary place, where they sprout and give what nature allows them. Alone they face the severe weather, the dry summers and the icy winters, but it is this survival instinct that makes them even stronger and that allows them every year to surprise us with great biodiversity and unique production.

Terra di Rovo was founded in 2015, when, in love with this corner of Umbria, I decided to nurture it with great passion and devotion. Since the beginning I have committed to respect and protect the extraordinary environmental heterogeneity of this land: enhancing the surrounding forest, maintaining the water network of the small stream of spring water, preserving the blackberry hedges and wild shrubs, encouraging the growth of wildflowers and the consequent repopulation of bees.

Thanks to this precious biodiversity that relies on a complicated but balanced system, it is possible to adapt the management of the vineyard and the olive grove to the times and the ways of nature, letting it organize the seasonality of spontaneous essences.

I pay meticulous attention to ensure that the land is worked in a minimally invasive way, through careful pruning and the harvesting of grapes and olives exclusively by hand, without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or fungicides.

Through the enhancement and respect of the biodiversity of Terra di Rovo, the preservation of its natural balance, and thanks to the presence of spontaneous plants and insects, the vineyard and the olive grove have become more resistant to diseases and parasites. This delicate balance does not only simplify the passages in the cellar and in the mill but also eliminates completely the use of all types of yeast, added sulphites or additives.

The environmental context is authentic as well as trustworthy, as are the few people who have the important task of taking care of Terra Di Rovo and keeping it for future generations: expert connoisseurs of this territory still so wild and unspoiled, marked by great hills and deep valleys.