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Terra di Rovo is born from the strong bond that has always linked me to my land – the Spoletino in Umbria – an extraordinary landscape of uncontaminated and wild nature, made fascinating by its variegated biodiversity. Here lies my small plot of land: a quiet and green-shrouded place that excites and at the same time surprises, where I dedicate myself to the production of natural wine of Umbria and pure organic extra virgin olive oil. Nature is free to express herself here, luxuriant and undisturbed; blackberries, broom and wildflowers grow everywhere, forming a green and mysterious tangle of branches and leaves.

Based exclusively on the concept of minimum intervention on the ground, I cultivate the vineyard and the olive grove in a totally sustainable way without resorting to pesticides or chemical fertilizers: the result is an authentic natural wine with spontaneous fermentation and a certified organic olive oil of excellence. In the vineyard, as well as in the olive grove, I pick the fruits by hand, allowing the fruit to preserve its taste and its authenticity whilst guaranteeing a natural wine and an exclusive olive oil.

Throughout the year, I pay attention to the phases of the moon, not only in the field but also in the cellar and in the mill, with absolute respect for the nature and its ancient rural methods. Each year the vineyard – composed of Cabernet Sauvignon and Trebbiano Spoletino vines – and the centuries-old olive grove of Moraiolo and Leccino are left free to express themselves and gift what most wonderful varieties they can produce.

Because there is nothing purer than what grows naturally.



It is our duty to preserve this inestimable heritage by maintaining the water network, preserving the hedges of blackberries and wild shrubs, encouraging the growth of spontaneous flowers and the consequent repopulation of bees.

Minimal Intervention

All our fruits are hand-harvested, pressed within a few hours and sustainably grown. We do not use pesticides, fertiliser or added sulphites.

Lunar Calendar

Moon phases play an integral role. We only prune, harvest and bottle our wines and olive oil during the waning moon phase, when the lymph is reduced and there are fewer deposits.