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The organic olive grove of Terra di Rovo is located in the highest part of the valley and has 200 ancient olive trees of Moraiolo and 50 of Leccino, the first one is a variety of olive tree that owes its name to the dark, almost black (moro) colour of its olives when they are ripe, while the second one is characterised by its balanced and delicate flavour.

Typical of the Spoleto area, these type of olives are renowned for their valuable and high-quality properties. Characterized by the foliage of reduced volume, the Moraiolo produces a precious oil with a bright green-gold colour, a medium structure and a fruity flavour with a marked bitter and spicy taste. The Leccino cultivar, on the other hand, is a highly vigorous tree with an expanded growth habit, voluminous and moderately dense foliage; the inflorescences are of medium length with a sparse structure and with poor branching of the rachis.

One of the most important characteristics of our organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is to have inside its olives a high quantity of polyphenols and oleic acid and a very low intake of saturated fats.

Our olive trees have centuries of history behind them and grow in a clay soil of Pliocene origin, dating back to 6.8-1.8 million years ago: rich in marine fossils with veins of clays, as well as producing an olive oil with an intense colour and heady scent, this soil also has a fundamental role in water drainage along the slopes of the valley.

We prune the olives of our organic olive grove exclusively by hand without ever treating them: the olive trees produce every year what they can, naturally, absorbing only and exclusively what the land has to offer them.

We harvest the olives when the fruits are at the beginning of their ripening, to obtain the best quality of the oil, and we cold-press the olives: the result is a real olive juice that is certified biological by ICEA, the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, among the most important certifying bodies in Italy and in Europe.


Our olive grove is 100% certified organic. The olives are harvested by hands, at the beginning of the invagliatura and cold-pressed within 3 hours from the harvest. Nothing is added to the oil, which is bottled once it has been lightly filtrated.


From 250 centuries-old olive trees of the valuable cultivar of Moraiolo and Leccino. We have produced an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality, with fruity flavours, slightly bitter and with a spicy finish. To keep its prized characteristics intact, the olive oil is just a pure essence of freshly squeezed olive juice.


Characterized by a high level of polyphenols, oleic acid and vitamin E. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich with Oleocanthal that has been shown to act as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) agent. Moreover, it contains an extremely low level of saturated fat intake.