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Consisting of two very different varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon, red, and Trebbiano Spoletino, white – the Terra Di Rovo natural vineyard in Umbria is kept in a valley of intact nature at 350 meters above sea level. The single vineyard covers an area of 1.2 hectares and faces south, allowing it to enjoy excellent sun exposure at any time of the year.

At Terra di Rovo we prune the vines carefully and annually, using the unilateral Guyot method. All the pruning, tying and harvesting phases are carried out by hand. The treatments are reduced to a minimum, leaving the surrounding flora to protect the vineyard and keep the ecosystem as balanced as possible, for a 100% natural vineyard. In the vineyard, as well as in the cellar, we work following the cycles of the moon phases, to maximise the principles of absolute naturalness.

The harvest of the grapes made in the first days of October is a real feast, during which we gather, we provide for the harvest by hand and carefully choose the best bunches. The harvest takes place in a few hours: after having deposited the grapes in boxes, we bring them directly to the cellar and work them instantly according to traditional methods.

We put the wine in still tanks and let it rest for a few weeks so that the natural static decantation of the must takes place, following the so-called “sfecciatura”. We have chosen not to let the wine age in wooden barrels for a specific reason: in no way we do want to modify the taste and the original aroma that this wild and authentic terroir gives to its grapes. We do bottle our wines during the waning days to make sure that the wine deposits are not on the surface: this guarantees better quality and a smaller quantity of deposits in the bottle.

It is respect for biodiversity, the natural features of Terra di Rovo and the specificity of our organic vineyard in Umbria, that have allowed us to produce a wine of excellence.

Natural Wine

We do not use yeasts or add any sulphites in the cellar. The fermentation process takes place naturally, in order to leave the aroma and the body of the wine unaltered. Before being bottled the wine is cold stabilized and is unfiltered.

Organic Grapes

Our grapes are certified organic and are cultivated according to totally sustainable methods without resorting to pesticides or chemical fertilizers: the result is an authentic wine, the essence of its terroir.

Hand crafted

Work in the vineyard and in the cellar is done by hand by a few trusted people. The labels are manually applied and printed on recycled paper, as well as the lacquer wax. The caps used are made from one-piece cork and meticulously made in Italy.