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Trebbiano Spoletino is an ancient native vine of the Spoletana valley, originally married to elm or maple trees, an ancient cultivation method that used the tree as support. The tree was meant to keep the grapes away from animals, humidity and morning fog.

It is a late vine with a changing soul, which even at full phenolic maturity always preserves a very high acidity and a low Ph.

Terra Di Rovo Trebbiano Spoletino is a versatile wine, fascinating with an intense amber colour and completely natural. The strictly organic grapes are harvested by hand and immediately processed according to traditional methods. Once the coarse lees are removed, the must is left to ferment spontaneously in steel tanks.

During the processing and bottling phases, we do not add any kind of artificial yeast or sulphites in order to leave the wine free to express itself at better.

As from ancient traditions, work in the vineyard and in the cellar is carried out during the waning moon days.


Terra Di Rovo Trebbiano Spoletino is characterized by its amber colour and fresh and elegant aromas with intense notes of tropical fruit, ripe peach, citrus and almond blossom.  It is a wine with a changing and iridescent soul that from time to time reveals a new facet and surprises those who taste it.  Fresh and at the same time complex on the palate, with intense nuances of lemon and lychee and nuances of white pepper.


Perfect along with delicate risottos and truffle pasta. Sublime when paired with chicken and grilled fish. The ideal serving temperature is 8-10°C.



100% Trebbiano Spoletino DOC


Monolateral Guyot


Organic, no chemical intervention


Spontaneous fermentation with no added yeasts


12 months in steel barrels and 1 and half year in bottle, unfiltered


Vineyard hidden in an Umbrian valley, 350 meters above sea level. The area is characterized by hot summers and cold winters.


Highly mineral soil of Pliocene origin, rich in marine fossils with veins of clay. The vineyard was planted in 2014 respecting the surrounding environment and without removing any of the surrounding trees and vegetation. Set with a Guyot system and an inter-row space of 3 meters. The flora surrounding the vineyard has remained unchanged to ensure that the micro-ecosystem of native plants and flowers help the vineyard grow and protect it from attacks by pests and weeds.


Generally done at the beginning of October it can vary by a few weeks depending on the season. The grapes are handpicked and the harvest is done exclusively by local winemakers who take care of the vines throughout the year. In the harvest phase, a selection of the best grapes is made. Once the grapes are harvested, they are immediately placed in small boxes to avoid the crushing the grapes and taken to the cellar ready to be drifted and crushed.